Celtic Roots with Lovely Mat

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Your admiration for skilled artisans and stunning cats together in one gorgeous cat art! A favorite among admirers of beautiful Maine Coons, the stone Celtic knots and ivy make it a truly unforgettable decor item to brighten up your office, home or library. The realism and fine art quality with considerable attention to detail is like no other you have seen before.

  • 5x7 signed print with 8x10 black mat
  • Mounted on stiff backing board
  • Digital painting printed on ultra premium paper
  • Shipped in clear cello sleeve

You love cats for bringing happiness into your home and intuitively knowing when you need a leg hug. This stunning cat art captures the fiery spirit, independence and unflinching loyalty that you cherish about them. Beautify your space with a tribute to their indomitable spirit.

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Customer Reviews (2)

I want this kitty!

Posted by Dana Robertson on 19th Nov 2021
Having a strong Celtic heritage, I see and feel so much calm and peace with this, my favorite piece so far.

Wonderful Art

Posted by Kelly Brown on 23rd May 2020
It is a whimsical and beautiful piece. I gifted it to my sister, who has always loved cats and has always had that whimsical spirit herself. It will be a welcome addition to her home.
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