Do you have your own shop, market stall or online store?

From enchanting crows to stunning fairies, our products are available at a discount pricing for valid resellers. The timeless appeal of storybook inspired characters will become a charming display in your shop that will captivate your customers.

Wholesale Level

Whether on the shelves of a real shop, market stall or to ship from your online store, your customers will appreciate the magic and wonder found within our range of products. When you are approved as a valid reseller, you will receive a 50% discount with a minimum purchase of $150 (minus shipping).

Please note that we do not offer Drop-Shipping for resellers.

Want to Become a Reseller?

To become a reseller, you will need an ABN, Tax ID or other Business Registration Number to prove you are a registered business.

Please fill in our Reseller Application Form to apply for a Reseller membership and pricing discounts. Please allow up to 48 hours before inquiring about your application.