Winifred Goes to a Magical School with Lovely Mat

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Winifred Goes to a Magical School with Lovely Mat

Upon her acceptance into the School for Witches and Wizards, Winifred took it upon herself to bid a lasting farewell to the town that brought her misery and condemnation. With a flick of a flame, the raging fire quickly spread but not before she was well on her way to a special train that would take her far away into magical lands. This witch has no time for owls when she has her trusted companion by her side matched by attitude! As a warning to fellow classmates who dare to break her heart, her prized voodoo collection will suffice (although for one bound lad, she is contemplating releasing from her curse). Nevertheless, a grim warning to those who dare cross a Sanderson! For those who need a reminder, this is the witch from my most favorite movie, "Hocus Pocus."

  • 5x7 signed print with 8x10 soft cream mat
  • Mounted on stiff backing board
  • Digital painting printed on ultra premium paper
  • Shipped in clear cello sleeve
This is the fifth in my new collection featuring beloved characters from favorite childhood stories depicted as children waiting for a special train to take them to the School for Witches and Wizards. Check back often for more students!

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