Professor Oliver MacCrumb with Lovely Mat

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Your love for old-fashioned, charming wall decorations will not be able to resist this extraordinary rabbit! A creative inventor, Prof. Oliver MacCrumb will appeal to your admiration for old mechanical devices and rusty gadgets. An old gramophone is his latest invention designed for his amazing fleet of dragonflies. A party favorite that has gained quite the reputation which is why his portrait would be a magnificent addition to your collection.

  • 5x7 signed print with 8x10 soft cream mat
  • Mounted on stiff backing board
  • Digital painting printed on ultra premium paper
  • Shipped in clear cello sleeve

A daring and delightful rabbit, Prof. MacCrumb will inspire you to think outside the box while also appealing to your love of vintage. The classic style and soft colors combined with a whimsical feel will be a charming addition to your wall decorations. Tucked inside a bookshelf, in a child’s playroom or proudly displayed in your home office are just a few of the innovative ways to incorporate this lovable rabbit into your décor!

To extend an invite and welcome Prof. MacCrumb into your home, click on the “Add to Cart” button. Be prepared to be mesmerized by his quirky inventions and possibly have your appliances upgraded with surprising new features!

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