Dorothy Goes to a Magical School with Lovely Mat

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Dorothy Goes to a Magical School with Lovely Mat

Dorothy realized at a very young age that she had an uncanny ability to summon wind and the occasional thunderstorm. She particularly enjoyed experimenting with this gift in the corn fields of her family farm so much so that it was no coincidence when neighbors noticed the peculiar behavior of Dust Devils. They seemed to whirl about in a strange and unnatural fashion, unbeknownst to them - often mimicking favorite dance moves of Dorothy. It became such the spectacle and talk of the town, it eventually caught the attention of the Headmaster of a magical school. No train for this inventive student! Her passion for gadgets, mechanical inventions and air travel took her far from the farmlands of Kansas. As long as she has her lovable Toto and rusty tin man by her side, she prefers witches and wizards any day of the week over apple pie!

  • 5x7 signed print with 8x10 soft cream mat
  • Mounted on stiff backing board
  • Digital painting printed on ultra premium paper
  • Shipped in clear cello sleeve
This is the ninth in my new collection featuring beloved characters from favorite childhood stories depicted as children waiting for a special train to take them to the School for Witches and Wizards. Check back often for more students!

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