Alice Goes to a Magical School with Lovely Mat

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Before her tale of the notorious rabbit hole became famous, Alice was a dedicated student of the School for Witches and Wizards. Although her fellow classmates admired her wisdom and cleverness, there was always something of a mystery about her demeanor. Her fascination with mushrooms, stories of a mystical cat and tea parties with invisible guests led to wide speculation that perhaps she was not quite right in the head. Alas, one can always wonder if her tales of an evil queen and adventures with a Mad Hatter were the result of an overactive imagination or psychedelic plants.

  • 5x7 signed print with 8x10 soft cream mat
  • Mounted on stiff backing board
  • Digital painting printed on ultra premium paper
  • Shipped in clear cello sleeve
This is the third in my new collection featuring beloved characters from favorite childhood stories depicted as children waiting for a special train to take them to the School for Witches and Wizards. Check back often for more students!

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